Misleading stories containing damage control are the fodder of our government controlled media. Diversionary and normalizing tactics are being spread across the land. We believe that this can change if we band together.

We are interested in your input as citizen journalists to keep the mainstream media honest!

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NewsStalker will be announcing new live shows in the very near future.  Please stay tuned for further information.  Until then, enjoy some great music and turn the damn TV off.  They are paid to lie to you.  When the NewsStalker broadcasts resume, the purpose of the broadcast is to expose the LIES so you do not have to sit through their lies and deception.  Please turn the MAINLINE news stations off, even FOX!!!  They are poison.  Controlled opposition!!!  Stay tuned and become a NEWSSTALKER.  You can tell your friends to go to Shoutcast and search newsstalker for streaming or have them simply click the play button above.  Thank you!!!


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  We look forward to your posts and comments and encourage all of you to become Citizen Journalists. It is our responsibility to stand guard against the Government controlled Mainstream Media. NEWSSTALKER is for, by and of the People! That means YOU! We need your help.

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